1. Panoramic sightseeing of Donji Milanovac

The cruise takes 90 minutes, during which time the passengers will be able to see the sunken site where the old town of Donji Milanovac used to be, as well as the Bay of Poreč (the largest spawning ground in Europe) and the foothills of Mt Miroč.

2. Sightseeing of Lepenski Vir, a waterside archaeological site

Lepenski Vir is an extremely important and unique pre-historic site. Experts have identified a number of Early Mesolithic settlements spanning the period from 9500 BCE to 7500 BCE. The cruise takes 3 hours.

3. Visiting the Trajan’s Plaque

The cruise takes you on an expansive tour of Veliki and Mali Kazan, Varnica balloon signal station, the monastery of Mrakonia, Hajduks’ Watermill, Decebalus Rex, and last, but not least, the Trajan’s Plaque.